Zinc Stearate



Zinc Stearate


Molecular formula: Zn(OCOC17H35)2




Characters and Uses:




   They are white, fine powder, insoluble in water. .






       they are widely used as lubricants,slipping agents,heat stabilizers,mould releasingagents and accelearants in plastic,machinery engineering,rubber,paints and inks industry etc





3.Technical Index:

Item index
Zinc content 10.3-11.3
Free Fatty Acid 1.0% Max
Moisture 1.0% Max
Melting Point °C 


Fineness (Thr.Mesh 200) 99.5 Min


4.Packing and storage:

In net 20 kg polywoven bags. Keep it in airtight containers and dry, cool and dark place. Damp-proof, far from fire and no contact with corrosive matter.  

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