polyethylene wax

The PE wax certificate of  analysis is describing as follow:


Softering Point(c)  105-115
 Viscosity(@140c) 8-12
Consistency(@25c)  0.95
 Acid Value mgKOH/g  NIL
 Color Klett  White
 Outward Appearance Flake




1. Masterbatch coloring agent.


2.It is lubricant for processing PVC pipe processing which improving the plastic’s hardness, surface smoothing, and high plasticizing degree.


3. It can be used for dispersant of printing ink and oil paint to make the presswork glossy and tridimensional.


4. In processing kinds of holt-melt adhesive.


5. Widely used for floor wax, car wax, polishing wax, candles ….and other wax related productions, which enhancing  melting point , wax products quality and surface glossness .

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