Calcium stearate


1.Molecular formula:



1) Be used as hot stabilizer for PVC and lubricant for various plastic processing;

2) Also can be used for soft film of food package or appliance of medical equipments;

3) It can be taken as absorbent for polyethylene & polypropylene to eliminate the adverse effects of residual catalyst on color and stability.

4) Besides, it can be served as plasticizer for rubber processing, intensifier for grease, water-proofing agent for textile, flatting agent for paint, or plasticizer for plastic disc, etc.


3.Technical Index:

Item index
Calcium content 6.0-7.1
Free Fatty Acid 0.5% Max
Heating Loss 3% Max
Melting Point 140Min
Fineness (Thr.Mesh 200) 98 Min


4.Packing and storage:

20 KG/bag, normal temperature drying storage

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